Thursday, 5 March 2020

You, great knit!

I was a little overwhelmed this morning to receive a neat box through the post which contained the most exquisite knitted cardigans, light jumpers, hats and bootees for small babies in Kenya. I know, absolutely know, that there were created with love, absolute love, since Xanthe has accompanied us on our last two visits to the Mara and Loisaba.

We've taken special care - okay, we asked Ambrose - to make sure that knitted items are appropriate and wanted, and he has reassured us that they are.

Meanwhile Frances has been mentioned in dispatches by the material shop that she frequents in Lyndhurst - Nicola's Fabrics - for turning fabulous prints into a beautiful dress and a whole heap of reusable sanitary pads.

Second hand or new, we know that things that you give us are given with love and compassion. Thank you very much.

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