Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Good things come in threes

It's been a really good day with our very first passengers all lined up to take three suitcases out to Kenya. Just as you think you might have 'invented' a model that won't work, everything slots into place. I ache to make this work and it is really difficult to explain why this project is so important to me and to the people who will benefit from it. Unless you've got oodles of cash to throw at a charity it is hard to come up with something that is just plain helpful.

 We've also been offered some more clothes by a lady in Wales - another friend just happens to be going on holiday there in a few weeks' time so she is going to pick them up for me. In the meantime we are due to receive more baby clothes and some reusable nappies from three other friends and three large piles of reusable sanitary pads from our champion sewers.

Finally, we are due to make an appearance in a newsletter published by one of the wonderful conservancies which will be accepting our suitcases for their local communities.

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