Saturday, 14 March 2020

Corona Virus

I am so sorry to hear that Corona Virus has made it to Kenya. We might tell ourselves that things couldn't get any worse than it is here, or in Italy, but conditions in the most crowded places in Kenya mean that it could run rife. The first case has been discovered within the University at Nairobi and there are currently 22 people in quarantine, but once it finds its way into the slums and shanty towns the death toll could be horrendous.

As the news came out, those that come from more rural areas were forced to leave the city, student accommodation closed down, public transport cramped and crowded. How many people will  inadvertently take the virus home?

More than ever we are united and untied by global problems - poverty, land, space, technology, medicine, hygiene, contact and separation.

Until this is all over we may not be able to function very well as a project - but this is the least of our worries at this time. We don't know if the flights we had lined up to take additional baggage will even take off. Like everyone else we just have to sit and be patient and flexible. If love was enough it would certainly happen.

Stay safe my friends - wherever you are.

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