Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Oh Pants!

We will accept pants! 

In some areas of Kenya there is a cultural reluctance to handle women's pants - connected with the practice of FGM, which although outlawed by the Government, is still prevalent. Accordingly some charities are cautious about taking pants for local communities since they would not be welcomed. I am pleased to say that pants will be happily accepted in at least one of the communities that we are going to help, and even more pleased to be able to say that FGM has been replaced with a far more positive 'coming of age' ceremony for young women. This is thanks in no small part to the work of my good friend Ambrose Letoluia, and also a wonderful charity called SAFE (see more at: www.SAFE Kenya). 

Whatever our own views on this subject, it is one that must be handled sensitively if it is to be eradicated. It is no good shouting 'no' or saying 'it's their culture, you'll never stop it." The fact is that it is being abandoned in many places with the help of tactful, diplomatic people. This little girl, for example, will escape the practice because of the work that has been done on the ground in the communities. 

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