Sunday, 16 February 2020

Menstruation - is a very long word

If you think menstruation is taboo in this country … blue liquid in all of the panty-pad adverts on the TV! - then it is even more so in Kenya. Girls often stay off school when they are having their period - for lack of pads or even knickers. That's four or five valuable school days out of every month.

No-one wants to litter remote places with more disposable tampons and pads. However fabric reusable sanitary pads have the advantage of being durable, washable, and discreet.

We are gathering sewers who are forming do-it-yourself production lines in making reusable pads. We're also coming up with our own practical pattern which will appear on the website. In the meantime I am negotiating for toweling in Africa so that we can save weight when sending the pads over by plane.

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