Thursday, 20 February 2020

Charity Starts at Home

We often hear people say that 'charity begins at home'. With low wages, zero-hours contracts, and sustained austerity in the UK, there is no doubt that many people are struggling to make ends meet - the massive rise in the number of food banks is further evidence of this.

This is why we have tried to make Ailsa's Suitcase as cheap and cheerful as we can. We don't take monetary donations (we're not registered as a charity anyway) but we accept donations of suitcases and useful supplies, connecting then with travellers to Kenya who can hand then straight over to The Land and Life Foundation whose sister company is already travelling to the remote areas that we want to help. All we need from people is love and effort - no money required.

Whilst some sections of society in Africa are doing well and the middle-class is growing, people who live in remote communities struggle to survive. There is no welfare system and little back up when times get especially hard through drought, floods, and civil unrest. Yet, the people we have met are rich in tradition and rich in culture. Men and women in work tend to support at least another ten relatives, whilst others work hard at looking after their cattle and goats. Nevertheless many people struggle to pay for the food that they need and struggle to pay for medicine. Clothing comes way down any list. Many children have no more than the clothes that they stand up in.

We're not interested in money, politics, or ego - we just want to help.

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