Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Above Board

When I took my first extra suitcase to Kenya last year, I must confess that I was a little concerned about it. I should have been travelling light since I was taking an internal flight to go on safari. Not only did I have a heavy suitcase, but I also had my Mother's ashes with me, which bore a remarkable resemblance to cocaine. However, with all of the right paperwork for both, I needn't have worried at all. Everything went extremely smoothly and there were no glitches.

This time, the main beneficiary was Angelique, a lady with diabetes who has trouble getting around. 

I am aching for more suitcases to go out to Kenya to be distributed to the communities that need them most. At the moment we are being thwarted by the global threat of coronavirus and also the fact that it is the low season for Kenya. All we need is our first intrepid traveller to have the courage to take us up on our offer and to discover that it is all very simple.

Travelling light? Internal flights have a 15kg weight limit whereas most international flights allow at least twice that: Why waste a baggage allowance?

We provide the suitcase and its contents plus the relevant, simple, paperwork. All a traveller needs to do is:
  •  Check through the suitcase to make sure they are happy with its contents
  •  Take the suitcase to their check-in desk
  •  Collect the suitcase at baggage reclaim in Nairobi
  •  Hand the suitcase to a representative from Elewana Tour Company
Elewana will hand the suitcase over to their sister charity, Land and Life Foundation, who will ensure that the suitcase and its contents are distributed to remote communities in Kenya.

If you want to help the ordinary people of Kenya while you have an extraordinary experience on safari then please get in touch. There is nothing to it apart from a little effort and a lot of love!

Luxury lodge accommodation
Help to give something back to remote communities

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